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Welcome To Alexandria Flour Mills and Bakeries New website go
About Company
About Company
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Engineering Sector
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Adminstrative sector
Financial sector
Pasta factories and complementary industries
Planning sector
Inspection and occupational safety and health
Legal sector
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Requirements sector
Security sector
Chairman office affairs
Transportaion sector
Investment chances
Investment chances
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Our products
Our products
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Social activities
Social activities
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indoor activities
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Balance Statement

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Cash, Equivalent Cash, Balances in Banks
Investments in Money Papers for Trade
Other Short Term Investments
Debit Obligations
Stock & Goods
Total Current Assets
Net Fixed assets
Projects Under Construction, Execution and Development
Other Long Term Investments
Total Non-current assets
Total Assets
Credit Obligations
Short Term Items
Bank Overdraw
Total Interest Short Term liabilities
Total Current Liabilities
Loans and Long Term Credits Facilities
Total Interest Long Term liabilities
Total Non-current liabilities
Total Liabilities
Total Capital
Systematic & Legal Reserves
General Reserves
Other Reserves
Total Reserves
Deported and kept Profits (Accumulated Losses)
Net Profits Or General Losses
Total Stockholders Rights
Total Stockholders Rights &Minority Rights
Total Liabilities, Total Stockholders Rights &Minority Rights