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Welcome To Alexandria Flour Mills and Bakeries New website go
About Company
About Company
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Investment chances
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Our products
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Social activities
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Administrative Sector

Sector Chief:  Mrs. / Salwa Moustafa Ramadan
Activity ::
   Prepare the general policy of administrative affairs, which mach company targets
    Supervise executing of laws and decisions organized workers affairs regarding to assigning, promotion, transfer, delegation, secondment, vacations, penalties or ending service .
    Prepare and execute employment balance and planning of human resources .
   Execute the laws regarding non-legal profit, and conscription .
    Prepare the answers of central Auditing Organization, human resources branch .
    Determine the earnings of workers, as wages, salaries, bonuses and allowances .
    Apply insurance regulations.
    Set up the training programs to improve workers performance, and work efficiency to meet work advancement and updating
  Prepare company organization skeletons, work for facilitate procedures, and set up appropriate rates for work titles .
    Prepare tables of classifying and evaluation of positions
    Supervise all works related to general secretary and archives, beside supervising human resources works in productive units and company sectors
    Save general documents such as, board of directors decisions and the decisions of modify & merging company and all documents necessary for company legal status .
Location :23 23, El Tahrir Square , El Manshia, Alexandria .